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Welcome to Manhattan Chiropractic Health Services

As you grow older, the stress of everyday life, repetitive motion at work, injuries and falls, or just plain living in the twenty-first century can compromise your body's strength and healing powers. Pain and disease are signals that indicate you need the help of a health care specialist. We here at Manhattan Chiropractic Health Services see you as an individual each with a separated set of needs, and we see chiropractic as a system of health care that is different than medical care alone. Without drugs or surgery, chiropractic health care helps retrain your body to take care of itself. If your bodily structure is unbalanced or is not straight and true, you may feel pain, become ill or tire more easily.

We Specialize in the following areas

You will be surprised what chiropractic care at our clinic can help you overcome. Here is a list of some of the more common problems we have successfully treated.

Neck and back pain
Shoulder and arm pain
TMJ disorder
Onsite X-Rays
Chronic childhood problems
Chronic pain of many varieties
Auto injuries
Work injuries
Carpel Tunnel Syndrome
Pregnancy aches and pain
Sport injuries

Your health is our # 1 concern!

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Manhattan Chiropractic Health Services

can help your symptoms though therapies and treatments likes:

  • Chiropractic Manipulations

  • Sinus Therapy

  • Electrical Stimulations

  • Ultra Sound

  • Ice/Heat Therapy

  • Cold Laser Therapy

  • Manual Therapy (trigger points, Myofasical release)

  • ART (Active Release Technique)

  • Therapeutic Exercises

  • Flexion Distraction Technique


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Dr. Josef Malkis
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